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Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

A beautiful custom bathroom is a quintessential part of any home. However, the cost and effort involved in planning and building a bathroom from scratch may be high. That’s why many people turn to custom bathroom vanities. These vanities are made to your exact specifications, meaning you can trust in the quality and accuracy of

Bathroom Cabinets

A room that every homeowner wants to organize at its best is the bathroom, and for this purpose, they choose to add cabinets to explore space for daily use accessories. So, a bathroom cabinet is not topped with a sink but used to keep all your essentials such as toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, body wash, shaving


Why People Love our Work

At High Design Renovation we believe in making sure we have happy, satisfied customers. Our customers from Miami and further afield, even as far as Europe and Asia, are happy because when they ask us to change the way their homes and offices look, they see we achieve the impossible. We Exceed our Customer’s Expectations

Kitchen Remodeling

Any remodeling project at home comes with loads of benefits – more space, more functionality, more comfort, and most certainly more beautiful interiors. A kitchen remodeling job is no different and will hold endless benefits for you – if you hire the right people to do the job. Hire the Best Professionals of Miami Kitchen

Custom high end Villa

It’s not odd anymore to build dream palaces where you are the prince/princess of your castle. A luxurious villa is a thrilling choice to live the ultimate dream- a dream where nobody spies an eye on you, and you have nothing to worry about your jealous neighbors. Living a miraculous life in a custom high-end villa is

Custom high-end penthouse

Custom high-end penthouse

People modernize themselves and do not like anymore to live a conventional lifestyle. It’s good to become modern by reviving your lifestyle and making it luxurious. And those who want to do that place their old-fashioned houses with penthouses. These are big and lavish apartments with high floors, spa-like bathrooms, whirlpools, lush gardens, big windows


Cabinets in Kitchen

The kitchen is the part of your home where you share your food, happiness, sorrows, and much more with your friends and family. An ultimate way from sharing food to sharing love in a kitchen gives a warm feeling among loved ones. But what if it seems old and unorganized? For high maintenance and organizing


Custom Drop Ceilings

The variation is always good to see. People desire to choose the best for their homes and offices. They prefer updating their lifestyle with innovative designs and models. The custom drop ceiling can make your home ideal with a modern look.  Drop ceiling presents a regularly spaced metal channel grid work and the pattern of


Kitchen cabinets in Miami

This article is about to discuss Kitchen cabinets in Miami especially when it’s about kitchen remodeling. When it comes to remodeling a kitchen and make it an up-to-date version of home projects, kitchen cabinets always come into your mind. With a variety of trendy designs, kitchen cabinets endure making your life convenient and organized. Cabinets


Kitchen remodel

HDR Miami is a Kitchen Remodel expert. The best place of your home where you cook with love for your family, eat together, entertain each other with touches of laughter while eating, A Kitchen. You can call it the heart of your home that purely describes the essence of your taste. So isn’t it necessary

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