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HDR Miami presents top-quality residential and commercial interior design services with a broad range in South Florida Miami. We make a team of professionals with experience of the past 30 years in designing, planning, and execution. Timely performance with innovative layouts of designers and proper guidance under the direction of managers make our projects extraordinary. We make a name in the market working in a family business and have worked with many famous brands that broaden our vision and expertise approach.

The professional services provide custom interior millwork with luxurious designs and updated fixtures, and experienced performance. We have pride in performing challenging and personalized work with elegant decorations over many years that make our clients come back with more projects. Our vast experience in interior designing lies in commercialization, residential and industrial markets.

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HDR Miami ensures the guaranteed work includes doors, door-frames, wood paneling, and moldings. Our energetic team will understand your demand to furnish the interior and exterior trim to railings, columns, wall panels, pergolas, decorative features, and other applications that must go with your customized requirements. From the top-notch material selection to the ideal personalized execution promptly and efficiently, we have built our clientele's trust in us.
Our assorted range of projects with elegant designing and decoration in restaurants, hotels, financial institutions, corporate facilities, hospitality installations, and lavish homes bring life to your customized imaginative layouts. Our interior design services astonish in United States, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Home interior Architecture

HDR Miami takes pride in South Florida Miami for the past 30 years as one of the most leading industries for home interior architecture. It is only possible when you know the vision of your clients and work accordingly. We find pleasure in ensuring our expertise in remodeling, interior design, and construction of the home from kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms. We make it our goal to take our client's stress away by working precisely on every minor detail to bring masterpieces. Our South Florida interior designers know how to transform your home with elegance, luxurious decoration, and maintaining aesthetics simultaneously. The innovative designs with extraordinary texture and high-grade material never fail to impress you for making your bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens elite.
The professional team of interior designers, architects, carpenters, and engineers by HDR Miami participates in every requirement from planning to execution by keeping in mind our company's vision and client's perspective of their dream houses.
HDR Miami makes returning clients by presenting excellent and efficient services in a timely manner with high quality and superior layouts. One of the core missions of our company is to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients by constantly fulfilling their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

Hotels and restaurants interior design

The trained team of professional designers, expert architects, carpenters, and engineers take pride in working for the past 30 years in South Florida, Miami. We are experts in designing upscale restaurants and hotels. Clienteles are aware of our customized lobby with captivating and ethereal designs that know how to catch customers for life. HDR Miami is well-aware of innovative layouts for perfect ambiance to the personalized lobby of the client's restaurant, from choosing illumination fixtures to installing chandeliers. Our minimalistic decoration with carpentry services to install accent walls or modern fall ceilings with eccentric voguish shades satisfies our clientele and their client's minds. Our ultimate vision is to make a satisfying and excellent impression to our client's guests, who will be back again for more lunches or dinners. HDR Miami ensures you proper solutions with sleek designing while sustaining stability between aesthetics and practicality.

Commercial interior designing

HDR Miami tends to work with the professional and collaborative team for customized ideas of our client's offices and commercial places where they spend almost half of their day. We understand your vision to makeover your office with a new look to attract your customers and make a place worthy enough to work. We have computer-aided programs, CNC machines, and 3D rendering for a broader vision and ultimate sophistication. Whether it comes to designing your office with an innovative layout or planning a scheme with voguish texture and colors to give a captivating flash, our expert services in South Florida explore according to your personalized demand. We know your approach towards furniture, elite finish, and stunning designs with excellent execution; therefore, we have an expert collaboration from designers to architects and carpenters to engineers.
Our interior designing services are not only performing well in South Florida. But we are also famous in the United States, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Europe because of our high-grade quality of working in a timely manner, affordable budget, and everything that a customer demands.

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