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High Design Renovation is a third generation custom renovation and millwork company providing services to Commercial and Residential clientele in the United States, South America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Recognized in the areas of design planning, development, execution of projects, and custom millwork designs using high quality materials.



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Our Mission

To work in accordance with the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.

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Our Vision

Collaborate and work alongside masters of their craft including architects, designers, developers and engineers to bring each project to life

Why Choose High Design Renovation

Generations of Experience

We brings years of interior designs experience office,hospital and etc...

Creative Solutions

Our team works along masters of their craft to bring each project to life.

Quality Finishes

Every project is handled with precise attention to details with combining different elements of sustainable quality.

High Volume Commercial

Our experienced and motivated team uses the latest technology available on the market to ensure elegant solutions for every challenge.

Free Consultation

We providing free consultation about interior quality, space, budget and etc but it is free for all.


Just because our products look beautiful doesn't mean it's going to break the bank. WE strive to be affordable while maintaining the highest levels of standards.

When you want to remodel your home or business, if you want to have the job done professionally, it becomes imperative to choose an experienced, professional, reputable custom renovation company.

When you check out the reviews of previous clients of ours, at High Design Renovation, you see that customers who have used us for carpentry jobs, millwork, renovations and CNC project have all had a successful, pleasant experience doing business with us.

We’re a custom renovation and millwork company whose desire it is to work in accordance with our clients’ desires and exceed their expectations, and we’ve achieved this.

Our Services are Sought Far and Wide

At High Design Renovation, we’ve been playing a major role in providing A+ services to our customers in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, South America and Asia.

We’re not new to the interior design experience either and have many years of experience providing our services in homes, offices, retail, hospitals, clinics, hotels etc. Our services include carpentry, custom renovations, CNC design and millwork.

We keep up to date with changing trends and our experienced team makes use of the latest technology available on the market to ensure we can live up to our customer’s requests and tackle every challenge we face.

We provide our services to residential and commercial clientele. We believe that no one who wants a custom renovation job done should go ahead without getting a free consultation with us first. We discuss space, budget and interior quality.

Budget- and Time Constraints Adhered to

We take pleasure in working closely with all our clients to guarantee project satisfaction, knowing full well their budget constraints and getting the job completed in a timely manner.

Fine materials and craft work are always founded on good design and the sensitive use of the best products, colors and patterns. To this end we work with the best architects, engineers and other industry professionals to contribute to the renovation projects we’re busy with.

Our team makes use of the latest technology to ensure the ultimate solutions for every challenge. Our products and our services will help to make your home or office more beautiful, opening up a whole new way to live or do business.

Services and Products that Don’t Break the Bank

What our customers appreciate is that our services and products are exceptional and they aren’t going to break the bank.

Our mission is to always be fantastically affordable, from those one-time custom productions to those large-scale mass production jobs – we simply offer the very best in everything we do.

Our Respected clients

here are some of our respected which are well know and trusted names in the market .

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