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Bathroom Cabinets

A room that every homeowner wants to organize at its best is the bathroom, and for this purpose, they choose to add cabinets to explore space for daily use accessories. So, a bathroom cabinet is not topped with a sink but used to keep all your essentials such as toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, body wash, shaving

Millwork Specialists in Miami

Millwork Specialists in Miami Millwork is all those items such as interior doors, window casing, wood paneling, base trim, decorative products such as door casings and mantels that are made in a mill. We’re millwork specialists in Miami, and these items, whether made from glass, wood, or metal are all cut and created from their


Why People Love our Work

At High Design Renovation we believe in making sure we have happy, satisfied customers. Our customers from Miami and further afield, even as far as Europe and Asia, are happy because when they ask us to change the way their homes and offices look, they see we achieve the impossible. We Exceed our Customer’s Expectations

Kitchen Remodeling

Any remodeling project at home comes with loads of benefits – more space, more functionality, more comfort, and most certainly more beautiful interiors. A kitchen remodeling job is no different and will hold endless benefits for you – if you hire the right people to do the job. Hire the Best Professionals of Miami Kitchen

Custom closets

What an enthralling combo of essential and luxurious accessories for the storage of your necessities. Yes, it’s the closet that keeps all your essentials organized and safe, and it ranges from reach-in to walk-in or wardrobe. Organizing your belongings such as clothes, shoes, and many other things gives you peace of mind and relaxation. Gone


Residential Renovation

If you want your home to take on a brand new image, the experts are available. Whatever you have in mind, HDR Miami residential renovation will provide you with more comfort, functionality and good looks. Your home is going to need a helping hand if over the years it has started to look as though

Kitchen Design in Miami

The kitchen is a prominent room in any home, and even small kitchens can be adequately impressive and can be filled with a virtually limitless number of colors and designs. Kitchen design is vast and varied and an important aspect of a good-looking kitchen isn’t only about the way it looks, but the way it


Custom Woodwork

You can’t work with wood and produce spectacular items of furniture if you don’t know wood. Wood is made up of hardwood and softwood and is fibrous, being able to be bent into a host of different shapes. Our Custom Woodwork is evident everywhere Wood is a material that never goes out of style and

Custom Cabinets Designing

If you like uncluttered rooms, you’ll make sure that you’ve got cabinets of different sizes. A cabinet is made up of the carcass, and the front part of the cabinet most times has a mix of drawers and shelves. To design cabinets and vanities, case construction is the initial step. You want to be sure


Custom Wall Paneling

The exciting look is the desire of everyone when it comes to home or office projects. When you want to remodel your home, wall paneling seems to be an attractive idea, Right? People have substituted the paint that gets expires every six months with wall paneling. These are the perfect accessories to give a new,

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