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interior Architecture

Luxury Sanctuaries interior Architecture Renovation Expert

In the realm of luxury home transformations, one name stands out in South Miami Beach – Prestige interior Architecture & Renovation. With a reputation that precedes them, this company has become synonymous with expertise in interior design, interior architecture renovation, and the art of remodeling luxury homes.


Why HDR Miami is the Best Company for Wood Molding

There are a lot of companies that offer wood molding services, but none of them come even close to the quality and standards that HDR Miami sets. Our crew is skilled, informed, and always happy to go above and beyond to give you the finest service possible from beginning to end. So don’t look any

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

A beautiful custom bathroom is a quintessential part of any home. However, the cost and effort involved in planning and building a bathroom from scratch may be high. That’s why many people turn to custom bathroom vanities. These vanities are made to your exact specifications, meaning you can trust in the quality and accuracy of

Modern loft apartment with interior staircase.

Architecture designer Miami

HDR(high design renovation) Miami is a team of professional Architect designers in Miami City-based architecture firm,  Our competencies are residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The team of highly qualified architecture design professionals conducts each project with deep dig research and innovation with creativity from basic to implementation. A step-by-step architecture design process is adopted in


Expert Wall Panels Integrated with Led Lights

Want to add a dash of mystery and grandeur to your home? Backlighting is an easy way to add a splash of beauty and sophistication to a room’s decor without spending a fortune. LED strip lights, tube lights, focus lights are used to highlight the featured wall or ceiling panels, furniture, and other items to

hdr construction services

HDR Construction Services

Our designers will take care of all project phases from idea, Design, and Construction Administration, Our qualified experts give you the perfect solution for any commercial and residential project. Focused services categories are Plans of (Furniture, Lighting), Wall panels, Elevations, Sections, Detailing, Wall panels staircases, Material & Finish Specifications. Our extended services consist of Construction,

CNC Machines

Who’s the one who does not want convenience and automation? Everyone does, no matter what services are they looking for., Computer Numerical Control is an expert technology manipulating tools and allow precise work. These CNC machines assist in many industries and ease professional’s life. These machines can be of several types; milling machines, routers, grinder,

Commercial Renovation Miami

Style and perfection must be your preference for your commercial renovation projects because this is how you attract people to your services. Of course, the first impression will always last that starts from your reception desk and lobby. And you don’t want to lose your customers due to a failed first sight. If you desire

Best Architecture Design Company Miami

You must be looking for architecture and design when you decide to renovate your project or make a new one. Of course, looking for an architecture and design company is a must for someone who is going to make a building stand with refinement and mesmerizing sight. We’ve got your back in this regard! Why

Architecture and Design Company

Architecture and design are all about art, beauty, functionality, and aesthetics. It’s significant to have a professional architect design by an architecture and design company- it does not matter if you want to build a new building or work on the old one. You prevent errors and mistakes on your residential or commercial project when

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