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Custom floating stairs

Everyone becomes fascinated by the idea of a modern and updated lifestyle and ensures to start acting on it by working on home projects. It’s exciting to transform your house’s traditional look into a contemporary and modernized look. Turn your usual staircase look into synchronic and aesthetic art by choosing your custom floating stairs. Floating

Remodel Bathrooms

Remodeling is amusing and exhilarating when you own a house, and you want to update every little corner of your home, including bathrooms. Remodeling bathrooms get you fascinating twists that seem eye-catching for all the family members. It consists of more than just ordinarily reconstructing multiple fixtures in the bathroom. It involves the relocation of

Vanities for bathroom

Essential yet luxurious bathroom vanities always get you a unique bathroom look. Vanity is a built cabinet around the bathroom sink. which is also helpful to conceal plumbing to keep things looking tidier. Fulfilling all these needs and still, a vanity seamlessly an epitome of perfection in your bathroom. People need to use a basin,

Custom renovations your home in 2021

The modification of styles, paint marks, leakage of taps, and floor cracks, It’s all a part of the natural aging method of your home. If you’ve got been living within the same residence for several years, or if you’re simply trying to find a modification of scenery, it is smart to need to update your


Redesigning your home in 2021 New Ideas

It’s human psychology that they like change around them, redesigning the living rooms, Kitchen, bedroom in your house needs some special expertise to setup all things in its place. If you haven’t modified something in your house for a short time, moving a factor or 2 around will create a massive distinction. Investing in the right piece of furniture and maybe updating some old-style electronic equipment also be some good investments. You ne’er fail if you choose to redesign your home to

Custom Renovations Experts

Are you searching for interior styling concepts for your custom-build home? verify these new construction styles for a few superb concepts. If coming from medium to massive scale renovation or build from scratch, then you should come and consult some custom renovation specialists like HDRMIAMi. If we tend to progress to build custom, we wish


Room dividers  

Added panel partitions to the interior of the building perform two functions. It is a useful extension of your home decor use. Most often, panel parts are used to divide interior space into smaller individual parts. It can also be used to hide difficult corners of the house or very messy parts. Small dividing pieces

t walls panels

TV walls

TV walls became a crucial front room feature, and now provide hard competition for the normal feature fireside. Mostly TV lovers want viewing angles for a better viewing experience, so increasingly the lounge fireside is being bounced to a side wall or corner decoration. This interior design changes the entire space to visualize a replacement


What precisely are glass railings? 

Glass railings commonly use safety glass. The treating cycle adds underlying unbending nature and forestalls against breaking and harm. Numerous advanced home developers go to glass railings for their adjustable exquisite plan potential and low upkeep.  Glass railings are the fate of railing frameworks with their smooth plan, low required support, and extraordinary customization potential.


Solid wood stairs and metal Structure

Wood stairs have taken a very modern look to this day. But not all wood stairs are the same & most homeowners don’t have an experienced staircase designer in their neck of the woods. So, you’ll need to hire a staircase professional like HDRMiami. We choose from a wide range of quality timber used to

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