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Carpentry services for Vanities

Apart from the shower, bathroom vanities are highly important in any bathroom because so much is done from it. People use the basin, cupboard top and mirror to shave, brush teeth and apply makeup.

Without a vanity, you’re going to have to get pretty creative to come up with ideas to store all your necessary grooming products – soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving items, clean towels, toilet paper – you name it.

The vanity is that wash-hand basin that fits into a storage cabinet set-up that also has shelves. Sometimes the vanity cabinet conceals the plumbing of the basin as well, but it is so cleverly concealed that the vanity is seen as an attractive accessory in the bathroom.

The top part of the vanity is also an important component and these table-tops are available in lots of attractive materials – stone, wood, cement, metal, granite and others. There is no limit to the types of vanities you want and you can choose sleek, modern looks, country style, art deco, minimalist, antique or something else.

Vanities can decorate any bathroom with stylish aesthetics, and as carpenters, we make sure to include carpentry services for vanities that are always in vogue.

Carpentry services for vanities are so broad but you can avoid costly remodeling of your entire bathroom by simply opting to install just a bathroom vanity. It will change the look of your bathroom entirely.

Making use of all our carpentry skills, a bathroom vanity can be mounted on the wall or it can stand on the floor. The floor-based ones provide more storage space but the wall-hung vanities require less space. This means they become a great design solution for smaller bathrooms.

Whatever one you choose they are robust and moisture resistant. At HDR Miami, our carpentry experts are skilled and experienced at building custom cabinets and vanities for your bathroom to the exact dimensions you want. feel free to call us in Miami at phone numbner 305-918-9118 to get expert opinion about your vanities project .

When you’re looking to choose a vanity for your bathroom, look at the size of your bathroom and size the vanity so that it is in proportion to the size bathroom you have. They mostly have a combination of shelves and drawers and you can choose a single or double vanity.

Decades of craftsmanship combined with exacting demands from our customers ensure beautiful bathroom vanities. Call us and you’ll soon associate our name with excellence, and your bathroom will look all the better for it.

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